Elements of a cleanroom gowning concept

Cleanroom gowning concepts must be individually tailored to the respective cleanroom, cleanroom class, product, environment and other factors. An initial overview is given here, based on the general recommendations for different cleanroom classes.

For certain cleanroom classes, there are no standard garment systems. When selecting suitable cleanroom garments, the industry-specific requirements must be taken into account in addition to the cleanroom class. Details from ISO 14644-5 (Annex B) and the GMP guidelines (Annex 1) serve as a helpful orientation.

General recommendations in accordance with ISO 14644-5 (Annex B) and the GMP guidelines (Annex 1):

Garment Cleanroom class according to
ISO 14644
6 5
Coverall x x x
Hood x x x
Boots x x
Coat x
Cap x
T-shirt x x x
Trousers x x x x
Overshoes x x
Face mask x x
Gloves x x x x
Hair cover x x x x
Frequency of change 1-2 times/week 1-2 times/week Daily With each entry

Based on these general recommendations, we prepare the optimal clothing concept for your cleanroom. Your business and your employees will benefit from our decades of experience working with cleanrooms for various industries, as well as from our comprehensive knowledge. Contact us for a no obligation consultation.