The fitting garment system for every cleanroom

The optimal cleanroom gowning concept isn’t available ‘off-the-shelf’. It’s the result of a thorough, professional analysis of your individual requirements – and this effort pays off in the long term.

We carefully devise cleanroom gowning systems to each company’s needs, taking into account industry-specific requirements. Due to the variety of demands that cleanroom garments must fulfil, there is, in our experience, no worthwhile alternative to this customised approach.

Criteria for an optimal cleanroom gowning system:

  • At the outset: carry out a needs assessment.
  • Company specifics: consideration of factors such as premises, activities and product protection needed.
  • Selection of cleanroom garments: choosing of the fabric, garments and the type of garments, taking into account heat build-up and pump-effect.
  • Intermediate clothing: planning of suitable intermediate clothing as a pre-filter for the reduction of particle potential and microbiological input.

We’re happy to support you with our expertise and extensive experience. As an introduction to our services, we’ll provide you with a free needs assessment: get in touch with us to learn more!

Please allow an appropriate timeframe for all subsequent phases of the process. After we’ve prepared your tailored cleanroom clothing concept in close coordination with you, your clothing system will be manufactured. The procurement period is generally 8-14 weeks. We’re happy to discuss interim solutions with you, if a transition phase is required.