Your Contamination Control Partner

For 30 years, decontam has been a specialist in cleanroom textile services. We use our extensive experience and expertise to accomplish the best results for you – helping to ensure you have the resources and peace of mind to focus on your core business.

In delivering cleanroom textile services, we’ve proven that we can meet our customers’ exacting standards – as well as our own. Thanks to our ever-evolving specialisation and company-specific innovations, we’re able to offer you precisely the cleanroom textiles and services that assist you in the long-term and support efficient production. Also, we don’t use the term service lightly: service to us includes providing excellent advice and qualified customer support on any and all cleanroom-related topics.

decontam is at your service as an experienced and reliable Contamination Control Partner, bringing you a truly comprehensive cleanroom service offering:

We maintain a certified infrastructure (ultramodern cleanrooms and monitoring systems) to professionally treat your cleanroom textiles and garments. High-purity media are used in our procedures, ensuring optimum processing quality. From start to finish, decontam’s cleaning and decontamination process is customised to the individual needs of your business. Naturally, we also have seamless quality control systems in place, including fail-safe logging of all component movements.

Put our strengths to work for your company
  • Honesty, expertise, transparency and high quality of service
  • Optimal price-performance ratio
  • Compliance with all legal and normative requirements
  • Complete quality management system

We’d be delighted to devote our expertise to assisting you and your organisation. It’s our aim to earn your trust and to provide you with efficient support.