Cleaning systems for cleanrooms: let us find best solution for you

All cleanroom cleaning materials and utensils must fulfil two basic requirements: prevention of contamination via the textiles and utensils themselves and the safe removal of contamination from the cleanroom.

We’re happy to help you make certain that your cleaning system meets all requirements.  Working together with you, we’ll develop a cleaning concept that’s tailored to your individual needs, selecting the right cleaning systems and cleanroom textiles for you and ensuring that the necessary cleanroom textiles are available in the right place, of the right quality, has the correct quantity and is on time.  You can rely on our advice as well as on our 360-degree service solutions: we support you, so you can focus on your core business.

When selecting suitable cleaning textiles, we carry out targeted object analyses, while simultaneously observing all relevant parameters, such as regulatory requirements, purity class, product type, type of contamination, degree of soiling, process-specific requirements and surface composition.

Our solutions, which are precisely tailored to your needs, offer you high-purity quality as well as excellent means to save on disposal, administration and personnel costs.

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Take advantage of our strengths
  • Years of experience
  • Europe-wide supply
  • Professional decontamination and sterilisation
  • Uncomplicated handling
  • Flexible demand adjustment
  • Seamless quality control
  • Training of your specialised staff

Simply call us, make a no obligation appointment, and we’ll take care of the rest!