Client-specific and practice-oriented cleanroom training

Your employees’ treatment of the cleanroom in accordance with the established protocol is crucial to its successful operation. Our training ensures that your employees are well-versed in the professional handling of your cleanroom and therefore adhere to guidelines.

A successful cleanroom operation entails observance of many regulations and practices. With our lively, customised and practice-oriented training, we offer you support you in this process, sharing our important experience with you, as well as vital background knowledge.

Your advantages:
  • Practice-oriented group work
  • No minimum number of participants
  • You determine the contents of the training
  • Depending on training location, savings in travel time and costs
  • Reliable, experienced and long-term point of contact
  • Possibility for ongoing refresher training

At your facilities or at decontam.

We can train your employees on location at your company or in the comfortable seminar rooms at our facilities. Drawing from practical experience, for practical application: our training experts are experienced cleanroom practitioners who not only communicate facts, but also their experiences. Naturally, they tailor their training to the precise requirements of your production processes and the skill level of your employees – and they’re more than happy to answer all questions.

Typical cleanroom training topics:

  • Cleanroom basics
  • Clothing and behaviour in the cleanroom
  • Operational and personal hygiene requirements

Important focal points for cleanroom employee training

  • Causes and prevention of contamination
  • Cleanroom hygiene and behaviour
  • Cleanroom garment specifications and gowning procedures

Let us help ensure your employees are skilled in all aspects of cleanroom conduct.

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