Cleanroom garments ready for use daily

With decontam’s locker service, your employees are delivered ready-to-use cleanroom garments individually to their locker. decontam handles the delivery, distribution to lockers and compartments, as well as the collection of contaminated cleanroom garments.

Our locker service saves you time, money and labour – so you can put these towards your core business. In the meantime, decontam will ensure your employees have precisely the cleanroom textiles they need, in the right place and on time.

decontam’s locker service encompasses rental of a suitable locker system; delivery and distribution of garments prepared according to cleanroom standards to the appropriate locker or compartment, and collection and treatment of used cleanroom garments.

With our locker service we offer you
  • No obligation consultation on choosing the appropriate locker or garment distribution system
  • Rental of lockers/garment distribution system
  • Cost calculation
  • Timely deliveries according to your defined schedule
  • Distribution of clean cleanroom textiles to lockers/compartments
  • Collection of contaminated cleanroom textiles
  • Cleaning, decontamination and, if necessary, sterilisation of cleanroom textiles

Contact us – we’ll work together with you to develop a tailored solution that meets your needs.