We’re part of the Berendsen Group

We have been a subsidiary of Berendsen plc since April 2012. One of Europe's leading textile service companies, Berendsen's extensive competences are the ideal complement to our expertise.

Berendsen has been active on the German market since 1996, with 19 locations across the country. In Germany and Austria, the Berendsen Group consists of three distinct divisions:

  • Berendsen GmbH specialises in the field of healthcare. Customers include: clinics, rehabilitation facilities, senior citizens' homes and care homes. Head office in Glückstadt.
  • Berendsen Textilservice GmbH ofers a range of services, from the provision of workwear and protective garment to mats and cleaning textiles. Their client base spans diverse business segments: trade and industry, heavy industry, commerce, restaurant and catering. Head office in Hamburg
  • decontam GmbH concentrates on the full spectrum of cleanroom textiles. With our clearly defined specialisation, we therefore occupy a special position in the group. Our headquarters are located in Bad Windsheim.

The idea behind Berendsen’s textile services is simple, convenient and efficient: Berendsen’s customers rent the textiles they need and Berendsen handles their delivery, cleaning and repair. In order to ensure the textiles’ outstanding quality, Berendsen has collections specially manufactured according to client specifications. Berendsen’s product ranges include:

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