Computer-assisted tracking of each cleanroom textile

decontam ensures maximum transparency and traceability of the entire cleanroom textile process. Through systematic identification (barcode, RFID or UHF chip) in conjunction with our computer management system, we accomplish a high degree of traceability.

Each decontam cleanroom textile (cleanroom clothing items, cleanroom mop covers, cleanroom wipes) is given a distinctive identifier. To ensure that important information and data on the individual cleanroom textiles can be checked and retrieved at any time, we work with modern barcode and chip technology.

All essential information such as customer name, article, identity number and article size are stored on the barcodes, RFID or UHF chips. Additionally, customer-specific information can be assigned to tracking devices – such as employee names, divisions, locker numbers, compartments, etc.

Thanks to electronic inventory control, we can always guarantee our customers:

  • Reliable recording of all component movements, with logs on request
  • Recording of all relevant data per component (e.g. repairs, size details)
  • Adherence to predefined replacement cycles
  • Predictable adjustment of equipment quantities
  • Transparency and cost control

Additional security through individual monitoring of each cleanroom textile

As your inventory is checked in, each cleanroom textile is examined for possible damage. Defective items are put aside and transferred to our in-house sewing shop. Our specially trained sewing specialists decide whether the damage is repairable or whether the article has to be replaced. In the case of a repair, they perform the necessary work immediately. Cleanroom textiles which are deemed no longer usable will be replaced after consultation with you, as stipulated in the contract.