Cleanroom textiles optimally supplied

decontam’s special process ensures that cleanroom textiles are treated appropriately during treatment and storage as well as during in-house and off-site transport.

Our procedure consists of the following milestones:

Reliable processing

During the entire process cycle, we ensure that you are promptly supplied with decontaminated or sterilised cleanroom textiles. Cleanroom textiles are handled in a highly professional manner, following all the correct procedures and in accordance with all relevant requirements.

Professional delivery and collection

We collect the contaminated cleanroom garments directly and personally from you weekly and/or bi-weekly on the agreed weekday and bring them to the treatment facilities. We guarantee treatment and delivery within one week. All cleanroom textiles are transported in special boxes, which are of course cleaned after each use.

Traceability of each cleanroom textile

With the help of our computer-tracking system, both the process cycles and the determination of the location of each individual cleanroom textile are verifiable at any time.